Tool Dealer

Classic NPCS

Our Tool Dealer is found in all cities, near each Healer on our server,
she sells the classic basic consumable and some were added for quick access.


When you talk to the Tool dealer you will have the option to Buy and Sell items.

In the buy option, you can buy all the items that you want in a single purchase, you are only limited to the weight that your character can carry and
the zeny that you carry with you.

Some additional items were included for the NPC Tool dealer to complement it,
since these items are sold in more remote tool dealers, for the convenience of the players.

When you use the NPC's Sell option, all the items that you can sell will appear in the sales window,
except for the items that are restricted to be sold to the NPC.

At the bottom of the Sell window you will have the Toggle Item Amount option,
which when you Desactivate the ticket, will ask you the amount you want to sell,
and when you Activate the ticket it will sell all the items you have of the same type.

If you need to make some items blocked so that they do not appear in the Sell window,
you must drag them to the Fav tab (Favorites) of your inventory (ALT + E) and
Activate the NPC sale look button, which will block the sale of all the items found in this tab.

The window of our Tool Dealer can be adapted for greater comfort,
you must enter settings in the button that is in the upper right corner.
There you must go to the NPCS option, and there Activate the option
"Tool Dealer use dialogue menu"

The NPC window will be changed to this format.