Kafra Warper

Classic NPCS

The Staff most loved by all...
Our kafra service is found in all principal Towns, and they can help Teleport you to different points in Rune Midgard.
Generally you can find it in the center of each Town

Our kafras system is based on the classic that everyone knows, they offer the following services:

Teleport Service
Use Storage
Use Guild Storage
Rent Pushcart
Check Other Information.


Teleport Service

The teleportation service needs you to unlock the maps
at least once to access later directly through the kafras staff, to unlock a map you must step on the map with your character.

At the beginning, the main cities are unlocked and you can travel to them for 1,200 zeny.
The main Towns are :
Prontera - Alberta - Al De Baran - Comodo - Geffen - Izlude - Morroc - Payon - Umbala - Yuno

In the teleport menu, it will show you as the first option the last place you visited,
as a second option you can travel to Towns and as a third option travel to Dungeons.

All locked maps are displayed in the gray list, and when unlocked they turn black with their value in green.
At first, all the Dungeons are locked, you must unlock them to be able to go through the kafra teleport.

you can use the shortcut CTR + Ñ and check the best route to unlock the maps and Dungeons.

Once you unlock a dungeon, and ask the Kafra service to teleport you there, you'll get warped at the the dungeon Entrance nv1.

Important: all map unlocks are per game account, that is, if you create a second character on the same account,
it will have the same maps unlocked that you already unlocked with your first character.


Storage is a service that will allow you to store up to 800 items, for a small fee of 40 Zeny,
items will be stored in different categories depending on their type.


The Save service is completely free and will allow you to save as a spawn point in that Town,
that is, if you die or use a Butterfly Wing, you will return to your respawn point.


The Guild Storage, stores a minimum of 100 items, but unlike traditional storage,
it can be accessed by all guild members authorized by the Guild Leader,
the amount of item storage will depend on the level of the "Guild Storage Expansion" skill
in the guild you are in. the maximum capacity is 500 slot at Lv.5

With the ALT + G shortcut you can check the Skill level of your Guild Storage and also know if you have access to it,
since the Guild Leader must authorize your access by ticking the Strg Permit option.


To Rent a cart, you must be of the Merchant class or any of its variants, and also have learned the Push Cart Lv.1 Skill,
which at a higher level will increase your Movement Speed, reaching 100% at level 10.
renting a cart will cost you 800 zeny and you can review it using the ALT + W shortcut,
in it you can store up to 100 different items, with a maximum total weight of 8000, remember that not all items weigh the same.


In the service to review other information, you can find the Special Reserve Points,
these points are accumulated every time you use any of the kafra services,
and in this menu you can check the amount of points that you have accumulated, in the option "Check Special Reserve Points",

You can redeem these points in the city of aldebaran on the top left,
at Kafra Employee Headquarters.
For to go there write in the game chat /navi aldebaran 54/217
It will show you its location with arrows on the ground, which you must follow.

Within the Check Other Information Option, you can put a Password to your Storage to keep it protected,
for this service you will be charged 5.000 zeny.
Important: you must remember the password entered very well,
because if you forget it you will have to contact a GM to recover it.

Now every time you open your Storage, it will ask you for the password to be able to use it,
if you want to Change or Remove the Password you must go again to the "Check Other Option" menu
and there they will charge you 5.000 zeny to change the password and 1.000 zeny to remove it,
for both actions you will need to enter your current password.

Our kafras also offer a Butterfly Wing Sale service, which is that every time you teleport,
if you don't have a butterfly wing in your inventory[ ALT + E ], it will be offered to you for 300 zeny,
so you always have a way to return. You must configure this option in our Setting Button

located in the upper right part of the game window,
you must go to the "NPCs" option, and then Activate the "Warper Offer Butterfly Wing" option, since it is deactivated by default.

If you want to know more about Settings Configuration.

The kafra also works with the Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation, which can be obtained in different ways,

These tickets only cover up to 2.500 zeny of the value of the service, and can be accumulated with the VIP discount.
that is, if the teleport is originally worth 5.000 Zeny, with the VIP System [-50%] it remains at 2.500 zeny,
and if you use the kafra ticket you will travel FREE of charge.

Being a VIP you have a 50% discount on all Kafra services, the accumulation of points for teleport when being a VIP is not increased.

If you want to know more about VIP benefits.