Platinium Skill

Classic NPCS

If you don't want to do the mission for the Platinum Skills you can visit our "Platinum Skills Sensei".

For to go to him write in the game chat /navi prontera 146/197
It will show you its location with arrows on the ground, which you must follow.

The Platinum skills are special abilities specific to each class,
and in order for you to learn them you must carry out a quest, some longer than others and some a little more complex,
the benefit of our NPC is that thanks to his vast experience and knowledge,
He will be able to teach you the skill without having to do the quest, just with one click.
If you want to know what your Platinium Skills
you can talk to the Sensei in Prontera, This wise turtle will teach you the skills that need quest, respective to your class

or you can use the shortcut ALT+S and each Platinium skill will appear as a Requirement : Finish quest.

Click here if you want to know more about the Classes.


When you talk to the Sensei, he will recognize your class and offer you a list of Skill Platinium
depending on what class you are and prices also vary, depending on your class.

The different prices for this NPC are :

Novice Platinum Skills : 1.000 of zeny
First Class Platinum Skills : 30.000 of zeny
Second Class Platinum Skills : 50.000 of zeny

This price is for each skill on the list, you must learn them 1 by 1 and select the one you require at that time.

Novice Platinium Skills

For example only the novice class can learn the skill Play dead
That's why our wise sensei will only offer it to the Novice Class.
Every time you learn a skill it will turn Green in the list,
so you will know which ones you have learned and which ones you have not.

Platinium Skills

As First Class Merchant we will talk to our sensei, he will show us the list of skills available for our Job
and when selecting one from the list, he will display the list of requirements,
if we do not have it, he will tell us what we need to be able to learn it,
but If we meet all the requirements, he will ask us if we want to learn it and he will teach it to us immediately.

Once the skill you chose has been learned, the corresponding zeny will be discounted
and it will appear in your skill tree [ALT+S],
and now when you talk to our sensei again, the learned skill will appear in Green.

If you changed to your Second Class and you didn't learn any First Class Platinum Skills,
don't worry because our NPC will let you learn them at any time, offer you the First Class list and also add the Second Class ones to it.
He will also recognize that the skill is First Class and will keep its value of 30.000 zeny even if you are Second class.

Important: If you are Reborn through the Rebirth Class quest,
you will be given all the Platinum Skills of First and Second Class at no cost.

If you are reborn through our Npc Job Master,
you will have to unlock the skills manually or with our sensei.