Classic NPCS

The classic system of resetting Stats and Skills is found in our NPC called Resetter, it is located in Prontera.
To find her write in the game chat /navi prontera 149/194
It will show you its location with arrows on the ground, which you must follow.


By using the Reset Stat/Skill option, you will be able to select between resetting Stat, Skill or both.

The NPC reset allows you to reset your status and your Skills as many times as you want up to level 60.
After this you must pay an amount of 2.000.000 zeny for each type of reset,
if you want to reset both at the same time you have a discount of 400.000 zeny
leaving you at 3.600.000 zeny for complete reset.

To Reset you just have to select the option that you prefer

Upon reseting, the corresponding reset point will be discounted from the total,
if you choose the Reset Both option, 1 point will be discounted from each Reset Skill/Stat
You can check the amount of reset available by talking to the NPC Resetter.

Our resetter has a limit of 3 times for Stats and 3 times for Skills per character.
We also have some tickets that can be obtained in the Cash shop, It is located in the upper right corner of the screen

In the Cash Shop there are 2 types of tickets,
The first tickets Return the reset point in the NPC Resetter,
Status Reset Refound Coupon for Point of Stat Reset.
Skill Reset Refound Coupon for Point of Skill Reset.

depending on which one you buy, once the ticket is purchased you must double click on it and the point will be activated in the NPC.

The use of these tickets will just refill your Reset counter. You'll still need Zeny to perform the reset.

We also have other tickets that are used to Directly Reset your Status/Skills
Status Reset Book for Reset your Stats.
Neuralizer for Reset your Skills.

To use these items you just have to double click it and it will automatically perform the reset,
Zeny Free!

Important : To use all these tickets you must be in any city, and check your weight.

Since it is a progressive server...
in each Episode change a refund point of stats and skills will be given for each character.

Click here if you want to know more about the Custom NPC Resetter function.

Additionally, there are some items that Return Stats Point,
in case you fail in your build by giving 1 point, so you should not spend a complete reset.
You can find these items for sale at the Eden Coin Shop, you can find this npc in the Eden Group Room.

STATS Reduction Potion :


To use the items you just have to double click on them and the point will return to you on the ALT+A.

Click here if you want to know more about Eden Group.