Custom NPCS

Plagiarism is an NPC for Rogue and Stalker jobs that have the Plagiarism skill, located on the right center of Prontera.
For to go to him write in the game chat /navi prontera 166/197
It will show you its location with arrows on the ground, which you must follow.

This NPC teaches you only one skill at a time and the level of the skill he teaches you depends on the level of your Plagiarism skill

The skills you can copy at their maximum level are :

Cold Bolt (Lv.10)
Fire Bolt (Lv.10)
Meteor Storm (Lv.10)
Water Ball (Lv.5)
Jupitel Thunder (Lv.10)
Lord of Vermillion (Lv.10)
Storm Gust (Lv.10)
Earth Spike (Lv.5)
Lightning Spear of Ice (Lv.10)
North Wind (Lv.5)
Bowling Bash (Lv.10)
Triple Attack (Lv.10)
Flying Siding Kick (Lv.7)
Turn Undead (Lv.10)
Zeny Throw (Lv.10)
Fire Ball (Lv.10)
Crimson Fire Formation (Lv.10)
Heal (Lv.10)
Thunder Storm (Lv.10)
Heaven Drive (Lv.5)
Venom Splasher (Lv.10)
Holy Cross (Lv.10)
Arrow Shower (Lv.10)
Sanctuary (Lv.10)
Dragon Fire Formation (Lv.10)
Crimson Fire Blossom (Lv.10)


In order to use the NPC Plagarism you must be of the Rogue or Stalker class and have learned the Plagiarism skill,
if you do not meet these 2 requirements the NPC will show you the following message.

Once you talk to the Npc it will detect what type of job you are if Rogue or Stalker and will charge you based on your Class,
If you are a Stalker you will be charged 50.000 zeny per skill copied and if you are a Rogue you will be charged 25.000 zeny.

Depending on the level you have the Plagiarism skill is the level that you can copy the skill,
if you have Plagiarism at level 8, the skills you copy will be level 8, even if the maximum level is 10.

You must select from the list shown the skill you want to learn and press OK,
The NPC will ask you if you are totally sure or if you want to think about it a little more.

Once you have accepted and learned the Skill you chose, you must search for it in the Skill Shortcut ALT+S in the other tab.

Important : remember if you are a stalker class, use the Preserve skill to keep the skill otherwise
if you take damage you can replace the skill copied from the NPC and you will lose it.