ROPT Re-Roller

Custom NPCS

If you have had bad luck with the Random Options or have many items with bonuses that don't work for you,
you can recycle them to continue trying your luck and improving your item.
To find him, write in the game chat /navi prontera 142/180
It will show you its location with arrows on the ground, which you must follow.

Conditions :
Forged weapons cannot be rerolled.
You can save 0, 1 or 2 random options of your choice for each attempt.
Each Re-Roll sacrifices an item of the same ID as the one you are re-rolling.
The Re-roll item does not lose its refine, nor its cards.
The sacrificed item is Destroyed.


To start Re-rolling items, you must equip the item you want to re-roll.
The NPC will recognize it and show it to you in the window, if your item is a 2-Handed Weapon,
it will show it to you 2 times, because it will show you both hands.

When you select your weapon, the list of the Random Options it has will appear.
Now you will have to select the Random Option that you want to keep, and they will turn blue.

To Re-Roll an item, remember that you sacrifice an item of the same ID with at least 1 Random Option,
The Item to be sacrificed must be in your Inventory [ALT+E],
if you have more than 1 item with the same ID, it will be sacrificed at random.

Once the Roll is done, you will be able to verify that the Random Option that you did Not Keep
has Changed for a new one and the item in your inventory [ALT+E] was destroyed.

If you do not have an item of the same ID in your inventory [ALT+E], the following message will appear.

If you have several items of the same ID in your inventory [ALT+E] you want the NPC not to destroy one in particular,
you can Protect it by moving it to the Favorites window and activating the lock.
The Npc will not recognize it and will destroy another item you have with the same ID as the one you are rerolling.

Rolled options apply the same chances as when items are dropped, in other words, previously unoccupied options may get assigned an option,
as well as applied options could get replaced by an empty option.

When the roll is applied, it will apply the same chance when the item was first obtained.
Naturally, rolled option may be replaced for no option at all.

In the same Fashion, empty options MAY be rolled, turning them either into a new option, orthe very same empty one.

You can Reroll as many times as you want, but always be careful before doing so,
so you don't destroy items you don't want or change the Radon Option you wanted to keep.

Good Luck Roller!

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