Random Option


Random options are bonus you can get on certain equipements,
they are found in Armors, Weapons, Garments and Footgears.

There is multiple ways to get Random Option equipements.
You can drop them on monsters, or open boxes like Old purple Box or Old Blue Box, or even get them as a reward for your job change ! (like the Archer Quest)

How do random options work?

Normal Weapons can contain up to 3 Random Options.
Forged Weapons can get up to 4 Random Options.
The Armor can only get 2 Random Options.

An item Dropped on the ground flashes when it has a random option depending on how many different bonuses it has,
Blue [1 Random Option] - Yellow [2 Random Option] - Purple [3 Random Option]

The % of the enchant are : [Possible First Enchant] 100% - [Possible Second Enchant] 80% - [Possible Third Enchant] 60%

Each of the columns indicates the slot of each random option, and they are independent from each other.

The existing random options bonuses are the following:

Two Handed Sword - Lance - Spear - Katar - Knuckle - Two Handed Axe - Mace - Saber - Dagger

Bow - Whip - Violin - Revolver

Rod - Staff - Shuriken - Book





Important : @whosell has the option to search for something embedded in an item,
and random options can be searched with the corresponding ID.

Click here to know more about the @whosell command.

If you have an equipment with random options you don't like, you can roll some of them again in the Random Option Roller NPC
Click here to know more about the Random Option Roller NPC.