Eden Group


Eden Group is an extensive system of NPCs that consists of offering different quests so that users with a
certain level range can take them voluntarily in exchange for rewards.
To access the Eden Group you must look for the NPC Eden Teleport Officer,
you can find her in all the cities of Rune Midgard, in the spawn area that is usually in the center of the city.

To access,Talk to the Teleport Officer and
she will take you to the secret base of the Eden Group.

How does Eden Group work ?

When you are in the Eden Group Room you will find several Npcs with different functions,
The first thing you should do is talk to Secretary Lime Evenor, who will Register you in the Eden Group.

Before registering the Secretary Lime Evenor will ask you if you are sure to join the Eden Group
and according to your answer he will give you an Eden Group Token congratulating you for joining them.

The NPC members of the Eden Group will NOT talk to you if you are NOT Registered,
so it is very important that you talk to the Secretary Lime Evenor,
otherwise you will only see [...] in the windows of the NPCs of the Eden Group.

In the right corner of the Eden Group Room,
you will find a series of board NPCs ordered by the level range needed to take those quests, which would be:

Nv. [ 10 - 20 ]
Nv. [ 21 - 35 ]
Nv. [ 36 - 50 ]
Nv. [ 51 - 65 ]
Nv. [ 66 - 80 ]
Nv. [ 81 - 90 ]
Nv. [ 91 - 99 ]

You must talk to the Mission bulletin board NPC according to your level,
because if you try to talk to a higher or lower one, they won't let you.

On the Mission bulletin board, you can see the level range required for those missions,
and you can select up to 3 different monster to hunt from the list.

When you want to start a hunt, you must select the monster, then choose how many you want to hunt ([50]-[150]-[300].
Once it's done, the rewards will be automatically calculated.
Remember that you can only add Maximum 3 different monsters.

When you're done selecting your monster, you will see the summary of your rewards.
To remove monster from the list, you must select it again, and chose the amount to kill [0].
It will then be deleted and your rewards will be updated.

When you are sure of your choices you must press the Proceed Option at the end of the list, a summary will show again
and it will ask you for the last time if you are sure.

You must kill the list of monsters that will appear in the upper part of the window below the Cash Shop.

This information will only appear if you have the "Show Quest" box checked in your Quest window [ALT+U].
In this window you can also check the status of all your quests, including those of the Eden Group.

If you regret taking the quest, talk to Spike the Eden Manager and
she will give you the option to abandon the quest without any zeny cost or delay.

If you finish the quest, you must talk to Spike the Eden Manager and she will give you all your rewards.

The Rewards of the Eden Group are :
Base and Job Experience
Eden Group Coins
All calculated based on the amount and difficulty of the chosen monsters.

The Eden Coins can be exchanged
at the Eden Coin Shops [Consumables and Equipments] located in the Eden Group Room.

In the Eden Group room you will also find other NPC

Hunting Mission
Weekly Mission