Champion Monster


Whenever 250 monsters of the same ID die on a map,
a stronger monster will randomly appear among 3 types that have bonuses and rewards.
This map count is added up between all players who kill mobs on it.

The 3 types of champion monster are:

Champion [Summon] When dying, Summons 5 normal mobs of the same type.
Champion [Loot] When dying, it delivers 10 times the drop.
Champion [Exp] When dying, it gives 10 times the experience of the mob.

How does it work:

When the 250 monsters of the same id die on the map,
an announcement will be broadcasted on the map on the same color as the Champion.

'Poring' has reappeared as Champion at: 132,157!

With the broadcast, you'll see the coordinates of this champion, and a + sign will appear on the minimap,
showing you it's location for a few second.

The summoned Champion Monster will have its HP increased 5 times and will also be bigger than the original.
He will also have his Champion Monster name and an aura that identifies him.

If the Champion Monster is NOT eliminated, even if 250 more monsters of the same ID die,
A new Champion Monster of the same ID will NOT be spawned until it dies, but a Champion Monster will spawn if it has a different ID.
'Lunatic' has reappeared as Champion at: 115,220!