Hunting Mission


Hunting Mission are random challenging missions given to you by NPC,
By completing those mission, you'll be rewarded by "Hunting Mission Coupons", that you can redeem for various rewards.
The Hunting Missions NPC are found in the Eden Group Room.

To access the Eden Group Room you must look for the NPC Eden Teleport Officer,
you can find her in all the cities of Rune Midgard, in the spawn area that is usually in the center of the city.

To access, Talk to the Teleport Officer and
she will take you to the secret base of the Eden Group.

How to do the Hunting Mission

To start the Hunting Mission challenge you must talk to our NPC and click on the "New Mission" option.

When talking to the NPC and requesting a New Mission,
you will be given a quest that consists of killing 3 different types of monsters, which are random,
The total number of monsters to kill is always 300.
it is the sum of the amounts of the 3 monsters granted by the NPC.

When you accept the mission, the Quest window [ALT+ U] will open automatically, in which the quest granted will appear in detail.
at the bottom of the window it will show you the Deadline of the quest, which tells you how much time you have left to do the quest.

Also when you accept the mission, in the upper right corner under the Cash Shop
the Hunting Mission will appear, in detail, and it will serve as a counter to see how many monsters you have killed in your mission.
Since every time you kill, the counter will appear on top of your character showing you the amount, until you reach the Complete state.

This information will only appear if you have the "Show Quest" box checked in your Quest window [ALT+U].

The number of "Hunting Mission Coupons" you'll get is calculated according the difficulty of the monsters.
You can check the amount of rewards you will receive in the NPC, in the "Mission details" Option.

To complete the quest you must kill all the corresponding monsters and return to the NPC within a day of requesting it.
Otherwise you will fail the mission even if you completed all the kills.

If you want to Drop a quest you must pay 200.000z and a delay of 1 hour will also be applied.

Each character can do one hunting mission at a time, Hunting missions are individual, they can only be shared in a party,
when they have the same monster in common and are standing on the same screen.

When you Complete the Hunting Mission you must go to the NPC
and in the "Mission details" option they will give you your reward.

The Hunting Mission Coupons can be redeemed at the same NPC in the Mission Shop.

There is also a ranking of players who have completed the most Hunting Missions.