Weekly Mission


Weekly Mission a global weekly server quest, that can be done once a week, and will reward you for hunting mobs, collecting item or both.
The Weekly Mission NPC is found in the Eden Group Room.

To access the Eden Group Room you must look for the NPC Eden Teleport Officer,
you can find her in all the cities of Rune Midgard, in the spawn area that is usually in the center of the city.

To access, Talk to the Teleport Officer and
she will take you to the secret base of the Eden Group.

What does the Weekly Mission consist of?

Weekly missions start every monday at 00:00 server time [@time]
In order to take the mission you must talk to the Weekly Mission NPC,
she will give you the mission immediately.

you can see in the right corner of your screen, below the Cash Shop,

or also using the Shortcut [ALT+U]
This information will only appear if you have the "Show Quest" box checked in your Quest window [ALT+U].

If you use the [ALT+U] shortcut, you can see in the active quest window,
the detail of the Weekly Mission and also the rewards for completing it.

Once you complete the weekly mission, you need to talk to the Weekly Mission NPC,
She will give you all the rewards.

About Weekly Missions

Weekly mission is the same mission quest for all players at the server,
which can be to hunt mobs as well as collect items or both.

It can be done in a party, as long as they are within the same screen.

It can be done once per account every week.

You can request it with all the characters of an account but only deliver it with one,
once you finish the quest with other characters it will not allow you to deliver them even if you have completed it again.

Every Monday at 00:00 server time [@time] a new weekly quest will be added
and the previous one will be removed, if you do not manage to finish the quest in the corresponding week
it will be removed and you will not be able to complete it.

The rewards are the same for everyone.
Quest, experience and rewards vary every week.