Custom Commands


Custom commands are functions added to make the game more comfortable,
to use them you just have to write in the game bar and pressing enter will activate the written command.

If the command you entered is misspelled, it will appear in the chat "Unknown Command"


This is the current list of customs commands within our server :

@autoskill : Allows you to automatically renew a song or gospel type skill.

@battleinfo : Allows you to show the information of the users you kill, who kills you and with what skill.

@security : Allows to secure the account by means of a numerical code to protect it from transactions. Read More...

@hold : Allows you to keep your character static or to cast a skill without walking or missing clicking.

@whobuy : Allows you to search for an item that another player buys.

@whosell : Allows you to search for an item, enchant, or added item that is for sale. Read More...

@partybuff/@spb : Allows you to see the basic buffs of your partymates in the respective window. Read More...

@vipstatus : Allows you to see how much time you have left as a VIP.

@hidepet : Allows you to hide pets from other players.

@hidesprite : Allows you to hide the headgears, garments and body effects of other players.

@arealoot : Allows you to pick up more than one item from the floor at a time.

@killcount : It allows you to add monsters to a list, to know how many you have killed. Read More...

LGP (Lite Graphic Plugin) - Analog of the RCX:

@lgp on/off : Enables/Disables LGP

@square on/off/1-18 : Display square around the character. It is possible to change the size.

@circle on/off : Displays circle around the character.

@aoes on/off : Displays colored areas of skills like Storm Gust or Meteor Storm.