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The Fantasy NPC can change your human form into a different race. It is located in Prontera
For find her write in the game chat /navi prontera 177/178
It will show you its location with arrows on the ground, which you must follow.


When talking to Fantasy, she will show you the list of races in which she can transform you.
The fantasy NPC can transform you into 8 different races, which only provide a visual effect, since they do not have any attribute or skill benefits.

Once you select the Race to which you want to change, the Npc will convert you into this race
and you will be able to equip the costums that you deem appropriate for your new style.

You can change your race as many times as you want, you just have to talk to Fantasy and you will be Demi-Human again,
to venture into a new race whenever you like.

There are some Custom Hats that complement each of the races, these can be obtained in the
Shop of the NPC of the Race of the Day (ROTD), and can be purchased through ROTD Essence.

Here you can get more information about how the Race of the Day works.