Pixel Lovers

If you want to make your game a little more fun and different, the Voice NPC can help you with this, She is located in Prontera.
For find her write in the game chat /navi prontera 170/179
It will show you its location with arrows on the ground, which you must follow.

The Voice Changer NPC can customize the voice of your character's skills and actions in game
and there are 4 different voices for each gender, This customization is Free.


To customize the voices of your character you must talk to the NPC Voice Changer, it will show you the "Set Voice" Option

Depending on the sex of your character, it will give you a choice between 4 types of voices for each gender.

For the male gender you can choose between :
Warrior - Adventurer - Extravagant - Adolescent.

For the female gender you can choose between :
Warrior - Adventuress - Sexy - Adolescent.

Once you choose the voice you want to test, it will be activated immediately and you will be able to listen to it.

Make sure you have the game sound effect activated, you can configure them by pressing the ESC button,
then you must select the "Game Setting" option and make sure that the Effect option checkbox of the Sound Setting is CHECKED.

You can try and change between the 4 types of voices as many times as you want,
you can listen to all its variations by activating different skills of your class.

To desactivate Voice customization you must select the No Voice option.

It will tell you that your voices are disabled, but that you will still hear the voices of other players.

To disable the voices of all players you must select the option "Mute All".

All voices including yours will be muted, even if you have previously configured a voice.
To reactivate the voices of the player and yours you must select the option "Unmute all".

Important : The option Mute All and Unmute All, only activate and deactivate the voices of the players,
these options do not interfere with the sound effect of the skills in the game, since these are configured in the Game Setting.