Pixel Lovers

If you like classic costumes you can approach the "Costumer" NPC.
For find him, write in the game chat /navi prontera 169/174
It will show you its location with arrows on the ground, which you must follow.

With this NPC you can convert your headgear into costumes, this will cost you 2.000.000 zeny for each change.


The first step you should do is equip the hat you want to make a costume and check that you have 2.000.000 zeny

Then we will talk to the Costumer NPC and select the "Create costume" option, it will show us the name of the hat we have equipped, which we must select and press OK.
The NPC will show you all the equipped items that can be customized, that is Top, Mid and Lower, among which you will have to choose the correct one.

Important : You must be careful as the cards and headgear refine will be lost once the deal is accepted.

The NPC costumer will ask you one last time if you are really sure and will show you the name of the hat to convert, if everything is correct you must click on the option "Yes, Proceed"

Finally, the costumer will give you the costume hat and tell you to enjoy it.

A costume hat is ONLY for looks, and doesn't keep any stat boost.