Hourly Points


Hourly Points is a reward for points that are given for playing our server.

Each hour of play equals 1 hourly point.

How does it work:

In the upper right corner you will find a mini counter,

which will show in the upper part a reverse counter with 1 exact hour,
which upon reaching [00:00] will give you 1 hourly point.
At the bottom of the counter appears the number of Hourly Points accumulated so far.

Clicking on this counter opens a Shop
where you can redeem various rewards, such as experience manuals or different costumes.

When you are VIP, the color of the timer will change to yellow,
and you will be awarded by 2 Hourly Points every hour.

Important : The maximum amount of accumulated Hourly points is 300, that is,
if you reach 300 points you must spend them for to accumulate more points.

Click here if you want to know more about the VIP system.